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Relationship is a powerful path, and yet can be full of challenge. The Love Awakens Program is a 1:1, 90 day coaching journey that will allow you to examine your beliefs, wounds, and issues around relationship, intimacy, and sexuality, and create a shift in the way you relate to your partner, and relationships themselves. You will gain insight and learn creative and unique tools to enhance and deepen your relationship to yourself and each other. In your sessions you may address:


*healthy communication

*facing and transforming jealousy     

*breaking free from conditioning     

*creating a new context for relationship

*honoring Self/other

*relationship as spiritual path

*conscious sexuality

*healing from infidelity

*healing trauma

*tools & practices for enhanced pleasure/intimacy

This program is designed for couples who are desiring a SHIFT in their relationship, intimacy, and sexuality.  Releasing outdated, obsolete programs about intimacy and relationship, and setting into activation new ways of being in relationship. Some of the most profound shifts and changes come through the path of relationship. Most couples (humans) are navigating life through the lens of their belief systems. We are all very deeply conditioned throughout our upbringing, and we each make certain "decisions" about love, life, men, women, sex, children, marriage, and so on. These belief systems then inform the entire relationship, and often times result in a lot of discord and disconnect, where love and intimacy is actually desired.   

New energy relationships have a completely different feeling to them! Yet in order to create this type of relationship, one must be willing to do the work of breaking down those old beliefs and concepts, so that something new may be born. 

Couple Meditating on the Beach

How willing are you to let go of that which no longer serves you?

 Einstein brilliantly said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." I find this to be especially true when dealing with intimate relationships. It is in the intimate relationship that old learned and conditioned patterns play out. Usually these patterns boil down to lack of self love and self-esteem, old abuse energy, and the results of unhealthy relationships we experienced and witnessed in our upbringing. To transform is to let these old ways go, and creatively birth a new approach to love and life.

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