Sedona Retreats

Customized retreats for individuals and couples

Join me in beautiful Sedona for your deep dive personalized retreat.  Your retreat will include customized healing sessions, hiking in the red rocks, healthy meals, therapeutic massage, and so much more. Together we will design a retreat that will best serve you and your transformation. Schedule your complimentary consultation to see if we are a fit! 

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Beauty of Sedona

Simply being in Sedona can be healing and nourishing to the body, mind, and soul. Hiking in the red rocks, sitting by the creek and just letting go will be a big part of your retreat time here.

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Shift in Perspective

Getting away from your normal environment will give you new perspective as you gain new tools and insights to support you in making the changes you desire for your life.

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Sometimes in life we just need to hit the reset button. During your retreat you will have an opportunity to let go of old stuck patterns and ideas that are holding you back and are no longer serving you.

Upcoming Group Retreats

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Several times a year I co-facilitate group retreats through SpiritQuest Retreats here in Sedona. SpiritQuest is a premier retreat company and I have been working with them for over 10 years. These are relatively small groups ranging from 5-15 people.

Women's Retreat - Accessing the Divine Feminine

Self-healing is a personal journey where we bring ourselves to find harmony within. The SpiritQuest Women’s Group Retreat mission is to guide Women to life-altering changes that will allow them to deal with emotions in healthy ways, and gain perspectives on their life challenges! Release the pain in your heart from the past, and embrace passion, tranquility, and self-worthiness as you step forward on your journey! We are known for our spiritual retreats for women. Ladies gather from all across the globe. Join this women’s wellness retreat and know that space is being held for you. This retreat offers tools and clarity on past issues and challenges. Our master guides help you move beyond the ego and dive straight into your heart. Create a soul pouch and venture out on the red rocks for a releasing ceremony. Visit a Stupa and connect with the Vortex energies of Sedona. Learn how to quiet the mind and to accept yourself just as you are. Make connections with your fellow sisters that often last a life-time! 

February 18-20,2022 $695

October 14-16, 2022 $695

Healing Retreat - Personal Healing to Empower Your Body & Soul

Where is your emotional stability, your connection with Spirit and Self, your personal balance in mind, body, and Spirit?  Fear is the strongest thought form in the negative polarity. It is often experienced through negative emotions and self-sabotage that cause you to feel anxiety, depression, and fear. Past hurts cause negative thought forms that weaken your soul, preventing you from appreciating the gift of love, making it hard for you to understand others and appreciate life. While this healing group retreat is about releasing the past, the greater focus is about moving on and finding your inner strength and happiness; we can help you do that. Delve into the heart of your inner-self and begin a personal journey where you will process your emotions in healthy ways and gain perspectives of your Spirit. 

June 10-12,2022 $695

Self Discovery Retreat - Awakening through Creativity

SpiritQuest Retreats is pleased to offer our Self-Discovery Group Retreat at our Spiritual Healing Retreat Center in AZ.  You will discover yourself, through self-expression and creativity.  Art, color, and self-reflection will guide the way as you explore your past, present, and future. The creative process is a life force energy. SpiritQuest offers a safe, non-judgmental environment in our Retreat Center as you learn to express yourself and honor yourself.  Give yourself the gift that will affect you and all of your relationships in a healthy and positive way. Let us help you find the amazing stillness within yourself. 

July 15-17, 2022 $695