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bliss body wisdom 1:1 coaching for women

From Wound to Wisdom

A 90 Day 1:1 Online Healing Program for Women

(trauma informed coaching)

Are you ready for change and transformation?

Are you tired of struggling through life?

Dealing with depression and/or anxiety?

Frustrated and feeling stuck?

 What if ease & grace were your natural state?

 When you are willing to let go of those thoughts, beliefs, and concepts that do not serve your highest good, you open to a world of possibility.
You CAN experience permanent shifts in the way you navigate through life.


Bliss Body Wisdom

Create the transformation you crave with my 1:1 coaching program for women!

Image by Darius Bashar

It's all inside of you!  Your relationship to yourself is the most important relationship there is, whether you are single or with a partner. The key to unlocking your potential, your joy, your bliss, all lie within You! The Bliss Body Wisdom Program, is a 1:1 customized holistic coaching program where we will discover and uncover that which will empower you to make the changes necessary to create the life that you truly desire. Whether you are healing old wounds from childhood, healing sexuality and relationship, transforming your self-image and relationship to food, or just feeling stuck in life, we will work together to create a positive shift that is lasting, that you can own.


A word or two on self love...
It seems many of us have learned to put a lid on our experience and our expression of Self Love. Most don't even understand what this means. Opening to self-love is a key to healing, and will impact all aspects of your life. The program offers you a safe space to explore and interact with your own body wisdom. Together we will open and receive guidance which will empower and free you to be in your joy, power, and bliss. As we delve into the beauty of your own sacred body temple (emotional-physical-mental-spiritual-sexual) you will have the opportunity to release old limiting beliefs and patterns, and create new pathways of belief which create expansion and freedom in your life. You will learn how to work with your nervous system and body to help heal from trauma. Throughout the program, you will learn various tools and modalities such as breath, sound, movement, and intent, to create a personal and powerful healing journey which will translate into a new way of living day to day.

Sacred Intimacy &

Conscious Sexuality

Being single is a great time to look at what has and hasn't worked in your past relationships. What are your common themes? What have you struggled with time and time again, and haven't been able to let go of? Are you comfortable with sex and your sexuality? What do you want in your next relationship? How will it be different than the others? We are conditioned from a very young age about relationships, intimacy, and sex and this conditioning comes from family, friends, religion, school, society, and so on. When we are willing to let go and understand who we really are, we can transcend our conditioning and experience ourselves newly and to express ourselves authentically.

We begin with the unraveling and undoing of old patterns and limiting beliefs that are creating discord, contraction, or suffering in your life. This letting go is a necessary part of change. We simply can not create newly on top of an old foundation.  As our old ideas and personal concepts fall away, as we die unto our old ways of being, we welcome a new possibility.  From this place, it is possible to create anew, and to find ways that are congruent with love and peace.  Be it in the area of relationship and sexuality, personal empowerment, food, body image, or any other area of life.  The Bliss Body Wisdom program is designed to allow you to let go or surrender to these limitations, as you reframe your understanding of what you desire, and then create a new foundation for empowered living.

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